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DMXControl 3, the free light control software for beginners and experts


Beside RGB there are many color modes usable: CMY, HSV, RGBWAUV, conventional color wheel, etc.


The Hardware Abstraction Layer adds the ability to control multible fixtures with individual channel patterns at the same time.


With the separation between kernel and GUI, multiple users can work on different parts of a show project simultaneously.

16 U

Do you need more than one DMX-Universe? No problem, DMXControl 3 supports 16 Input- and Output-Universes.


You want to reuse configurations and effects later on and paste them on different fixtures? Just save them as presets.


16bit device functions are pretty common. But which software supports Ultrafine-channels (32bits), too? Right, DMXControl 3!

Fast and easy lightshow design

With DMXControl 3 it is very easy to create your own light show. As a show designer you don't want to calculate values, just set up device properties like colors, positions, etc. DMXControl 3 gives you the possibility to control multiple fixtures of different types at once with the same property based controls. No more seaches for the right channel values in the channel overview.
No more seaches for the right channel values in the channel overview. Just set a device property and DMXControl 3 does everything else. Variant effects like color gradients, rainbows, moving head movements or color chasers can be created with only three clicks. All that is possible thanks to the new H. A. L.

Large Community

The DMXControl forum is a platform for show lighting enthusiasts. Questions about DMXControl, other DMXControl Projects e.V. products and general questions about event technologies are answered fast by the large community.

Comprehensive Wiki

Our Wiki contains many articles for DMXControl and light technologies in general. Beside the manuals and tutorials for DMXControl 2 and 3, many user reports can be found here. Share your DMXControl moments with the community and get new ideas from other show projects.

Central DDF Library

Do you search for a DDF or do you have created one and want to share it with the community? Then, just visit our new DDF Library. It is the central exchange platform for DMXControl 2 and 3 DDFs with upload and assessment functions.

Registered Association

The free DMXControl is developed by the registered association DMXControl Projects e.V. The association supports all enthusiasts with software, hardware and literature for show light control and event technology.