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Clubshow (Part 3)

Clubshow (Part 3)
Clubshow (Part 3)
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23 April 2021

What would a project in DMXControl 3 look like, with which you can control your lights in a live club event of a band or a DJ? In the video series "Clubshow with DMXControl 3" we take a look ath these questions and build such a project from scratch together with you.

After numerous cuelists and cuelist groups have been prepared, the question surely arises: how can these be called effectively? In the third block of the video series, we focus the live show control. Stefan will take a quick look at the executors, before you join him in creating a small but not less functional Softdesk and then use the Input Assignment of DMXControl 3 to connect all parts. In addition, the control of of some cuelists via the keyboard is also part of this block.



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