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DMXControl 2 is the versatile and well-tried light control software for theater, disco and show lighting. Though it is based on a DMX channel oriented control concept, it still offers functions which aren't integrated in DMXControl 3 yet. So Lightshows synchronized with music can easily be created and the textbook module is unrivalled.

Important: Those, who do not want to create music-synchronized light shows or dont want to use the textbook should use DMXControl 3 instead since DMXControl 2 isn't developed further any more!

The DDFCreator 2 is an editor to create device definition files (DDFs) for DMXControl 2. DDFs are needed to inform DMXControl 2 which channel allocation the used DMX devices have. With the DDFCreator 2 both, the channel allocation and the graphical view for the grafical stage view, can be created and saved in the DDF.

Warning: The DDFs provided created with the DDFCreator 2 do not work with DMXControl 3!

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