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DMXControl 3 is the new DMX control software for the disco, stages and basement hobby room lighting. Exciting effects can be made in short period time and individual show experiences can be generated. The new property-based light control provides a relaxed programming of projects without annoying channel value calculation. Thus the light operator can focus on his passion: The creation of dreams with light.


WARNING: The DDFCreator 3 is on a very old state of DMXControl 3. Therefore current DDFs may not be loaded correctly and actually correct DDFs are changed. Therefore caution must be taken when using the DDFCreator!!!

The DDFCreator 3 is an independent editor to create Device Definition Files (DDFs) for DMXControl 3. DDFs tell DMXControl 3 which canal allocation a specific device has. With the DDFCreator 3 this allocation can be defined for own devices which are not yet in the DDF library of DMXControl 3 or the Online DDF Library.

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