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This plugin simulates the Ambilight technology, built-in in many Phillips televisions. Viewers eyes should be spared, while the wall behind the television is lighted up in different colors according to the contents on the screen. The Ambilight plugin analyses the screen contents and generates suitable canal values for RGB LED floodlights in DMXControl 2.

With the AVS plugin the beat detection for DMXControl 2 directly in WinAMP is possible. This plugin is installed and activated in WinAMP. Afterwards DMXControl 2 receives the beat for the BeatTool directly from WinAMP. Now all effects in DMXControl 2 can be triggered beat-synchronized.

With the BeatDetection plugin a beat signal can be created in real-time from the sound just played on computer. This beat is send directly to DMXControl 2 and can control, for example, effects in the Effectsequencer.

The BMP-Studio plugin allows the remote control of the BMP studio of the company Alcatech. Different actions like the starting of the player or some other actions can be triggered from DMXControl 2.

To control the presentation of media with the media centre of Digital Enlightenment within a DMXControl 2 show, this plugin is used. The DE media server is able to present videos, pictures, audio and PowerPoint presentations. It can be controled directly from all DMXControl 2 modules like the Effektsequencer, the Cue list or the Textbook.

With this plugin a sequence of different DMX values can be recorded and replayed afterwards. Thus complicated effect sequences or manual settings can be simply stored and reused at a later time.

The Duplicate plugin allows to copy canal values to other canals and thereby to scale and invert them. Canal values can be easily transferred to additional fixtures. This transfer also permits the control of different fixture types at once.

This GEMA-FeeCalculator was developed for the DMXControl April Fool's joke of 2013. It can calculate GEMA fee for light show projects (created for the April Fool's joke). The calculated values are fictitious, however, it would be a pity to throw away the plugin. Hence, it can be downloaded here.

The FollowSpot plugin is a useful small tool to summarise up to four moving lights to on single follow spot. With it, follow spots can be simulated which illuminate a person on the stage from several sides. The plugin consideres the different positions of the fixtures and interpolate the their DMX values. This ensures that the person on stage is illuminated on all position by the four fixtures.

To prevent overloads of the power supply in a venue, the active load should not be greater than the power supply can deliver. Therefore, the load can be calculated with this plugin for every power supply (1 phase, 3 phases eligible). Every device is linked with its maximum power consumption and is assigned to one of the different power sources. Too high loads on a power source can be detected and handled.

With this plugin matrixes of RGB-Devices (RGB LED stripes, RGB fixture matrix, etc. ) can be controled. Effects like colour effects (i.e. flames, Colorfades, etc.), text effects (i.e. text scroller) and pictures can be displayed on the RGB matrix. In combination with a classical lighting system, this matrix provides a special highlight in a light show.

With the MIDIClock2Note plugin a MIDIClock signal of a MIDI mix deck or a software which generates such a signal (e.g. DJ's programmes) can be converted into MIDI marks. Afterwards these MIDI marks can be sent to DMXControl which can react to them. In DMXControl 2 the beat tool or an effect can be triggered with these marks.

This plugin simulates a RGB matrix in a separate window which can be shown on an additional screen or video projector. Interesting effects can easily be generated, without the expensive and time-consuming built-up of a LED matrix.

OSC is a standard for the control of audio devices as for example synthesizer. With this plugin DMXControl 2 is controlable by any OSC message. Values of OSC mixers or OSC programs can be transformed into values for channels, devices, the submaster etc. within DMXControl 2.

PDA-2-DMXC is a Windows PDA program to remote control DMXControl 2. With this tool it is possible to set up the lights, without going back to the control computer to change the light scene for every fixture. This tool requires Windows Mobile version 2000 and the .Net Compact Framework version 1.0.

With this plugin DMXControl 2 can receive a beat signal of a DJ program and use it for the control of effects. This plugin supports the receiption of the beat signal of Traktor by Native Instruments and Cue by Numark.

VBLink is a plugin for WinAMP to control it with DMXControl 2. It is required for several DMXControl 2 plugins to supply control features (Play, break,...), as well as an exact time code for DMXControl.

DMXControl 2 can be connected to the programme WinLIRC with this plugin. Common infrared remote controls can be thereby used, to control DMXControl 2. Single canals can be set to a certain DMX value as well as starting fades from a start value to a target value.

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