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This Plugin allows to use 3D-mice of the company 3DConnexion in DMXControl 3. With these 3D-mice (ordinarily for CAD uses), central device functions like pan, tilt, dimmer, color wheel and the gobo wheel can be controled with the different axes of the mouse. This allows a quick, easy and intuitive access to these device functions.

The AudioAnalyser plugin analyses audio-signals of a audio player or the line-in of the computer. From this input the plugin generates a beat signal to run cue lists synchronically to the music. In addition, different analysis methods can be chosen and the Plugin can determine the mood of the audio-signal.

For the April Fool's joke in 2017 the KernelCloud plugin was created. This plugin contains only pseudo functions, however, it is at the same time a demo plugin. It can be used as a base to develop own plugins. The source code for this plugin can be found in its GitHub-Repository.

The MidiOutput plugin extends DMXControl 3 by a MIDI interface. With it MIDI devices can be used to control DMXControl 3 (like with DMX-In). As with other inputs the MIDI input is linked with DMXControl 3 functions in the Input Assignment. However, the feedback function is not implemented yet. Therefore, MIDI devices with such a function (e.g. with motor fader) cannot react on value changes in DMXControl 3.

With this Plugin different self-defined virtual mixer surfaces can be created. Several Softdesks can be created and different control elements like buttons, color picker etc. can be placed. Afterwards, the respective control element can be linked to a suitable DMXControl 3 function. The SoftDesk provides an easy way to control different devices and groups.

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